The Blue Van: Scandinavian Working Class Rock Heroes

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Spring/summer 2014 I got to spend time with four smashingly nice rock’n’rollers, filming for a web documentary about them: The Blue Van (Danish rock band).

Allan, Steffen, Søren and Per are genuinely in love with music. They’ve been playing together since they were in their teens. Now in their 30’ies the song writing is vivid as ever – and their live performances are on fire!

What do the (20) episodes show?

Some of them show these Scandinavian working class heroes in their rehearsal space, playing cover songs. And some of them presents you to the everyday life of each band member. And other episodes take you on tour, to their hometown in the northern parts of Jutland, DK.

The series hasn’t been released yet.

Web documentary, 20 episodes (total appr. 60 min.)
Idea, direction, photography and edit.
For Iceberg Records.
Denmark, 2014.