Spread Sustainia

Baking bread & presenting an initiative that helps build a worldwide sustainable community:
SPREAD SUSTAINIA – a social media based creative travel toolkit on the journey to SUSTAINIA

The concept of SS is to launch creative and aesthetic activities with the scope of spreading the idea of sustainability.

It is my thesis film, from when I graduated from university in 2012. Top performance. So they said. The film was recorded on an iPhone 4 using the ‘8mm Vintage Camera’ app. I used masking tape to make the objects anonymous. And I hung my iPhone from wooden beams in our apartment also using masking tape.

The music is a tune that I wrote for Søren.

Btw, SUSTAINIA is an innovation platform where companies, NGOs, foundations and thought leaders come together to support and work with a tangible approach to sustainability. Read more here.

Keys to a few of the occurring metaphors:

  • The Bread = The Future
  • The Butter = Your Desires
  • The Smile = Survival of Humankind

Idea, direction, photography, edit and music.